Volunteer in-home respite

The volunteer in-home respite program is provided by specially trained volunteers under the supervision of Le Phare.


What do they do?

They go to the home for three hours a week to give the parents a break. They offer activities that are specifically tailored to the needs of children and teenagers with a serious illness.

Who are they?

The men and women providing home respite care are all aged 18 years and older. Our volunteers commit to working with a family for blocks of 3 hours per week. Prior to their involvement, they must complete the mandatory training provided by le Phare to understand their role and responsibilities as volunteers.

What are they saying about it?

They are excited about their commitment to entertaining the children and giving them a bit of joy.

The children

What do they do?

We offer activities that respect the abilities and limitations of the child or teenager and allow them to have fun, based on their preferences, skills and needs. These include:

  • reading, storytelling, nursery rhymes
  • arts and crafts, drawing, scrapbooking, memory projects
  • building sets, role playing with figurines or dolls
  • video games, board games, strategy games
  • sensory development activities

The parents

What do they do?

Knowing that their child is well cared for, they take advantage of this respite to go about their chores or simply relax for a moment.

What are they saying about it?

They clearly express what we aim to do for children and families, and that is to offer them respite, give them good times to share, and bring warmth and happiness into their lives.

“You don’t know how precious it is to hear Louis laugh, to see him play with his sister.”
“The volunteer gives us love. Véronique needs love; she needs affection, tenderness, not just care.”
“They make Marion forget that she’s sick.”
“These visits provide much-needed support and make you feel like you’re not alone in this.”
“The kids love it! For us, it’s a real treat. Knowing that the volunteer is coming makes everyone in the house happy.”
“They help us return to some form of normalcy.”
“I’ve been wanting to make brownies for three weeks. Now I finally can!”

Volunteer in-home respite in the regions

Since December 2012, there have been a few organizations providing home respite services in some regions of Québec, in partnership with Le Phare. These well-established organizations offer palliative care. In this regard, Albatros Québec (Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches), Palli-Aide (Saguenay), Palliavie (Laurentians) and Aux Couleurs de la vie (Lanaudière) are recruiting volunteers, and Le Phare trains them remotely. Please note that these organizations’ websites are available in French only.