Maison André-Gratton

Children and families are at the heart of all our efforts. Our goal is to ease the daily lives of children and families through volunteer home respite, various types of stays offered at Le Phare, and any other resources needed to make everyone’s life as healthy and as vibrant as possible.

An interdisciplinary team of professionals

Care and support for the children and families is provided by a medical and psychosocial team consisting of physicians (on call 24/7), a clinical nurse advisor, nurses (on-site 24/7), nursing assistants, orderlies, social workers, a family services coordinator and a partner pharmacist. The home also has a team of complementary therapists providing compassionate care such as pet therapy, music therapy and massage therapy. The animation team is made up of specialists in adapted leisure activities and offers children a pleasant, stimulating and soothing environment. Guest artists stage themed activities and performances. The support team includes cooks and health and sanitation attendants. And last but not least, the staff at Le Phare can also count on devoted trained volunteers.

A warm and welcoming living environment

The home provides a warm and safe environment tailored to the needs of the children and their families. It is designed to be a home away from home for children, where a dining room and a living room serve as gathering places and offer a view of the large courtyard where the children can spend time having fun on sunny days. Comfortable and fully equipped bedrooms and washrooms serve as rest and relaxation areas.

A heated pool, a multi-sensory room, an art room, a music room and a playroom for the little ones all make the home a great place to live. Two suites are available for families accompanying their child. At Maison André-Gratton, the child must be accompanied by a parent during the first 24 hours of the stay to enable the team to assess and get well acquainted with the needs of the child, so that the latter may receive the same quality of care and warmth they would receive at home.

Various types of stays

Specialized respite

Planned stays
30 days per year

Transitional stay

After an acute care episode at the hospital, to adapt to new treatments or new equipment, the child is referred to us by the hospital and must be accompanied by a parent.
Variable duration

Symptom management stay

A stay after advanced care planning, when the child’s health deteriorates, that allows for all necessary care to be provided until the end of life.
No time limit

End of life care

A care and living environment resembling both home and hospital, to experience a child’s final moments in a family-like atmosphere, surrounded by professionals.
No time limit