Our team

Le Phare team consists of over 80 qualified and dedicated individuals who are committed to giving their best every day to support the mission of the organization. All professionals are members in good standing of their respective professional orders, colleges or associations!

Senior Management

Lyne St-Martin

Elisabeth Vallée-Lachance

Medical Team

Dr. Silvana Barone

Dr. Richard Deguire

  • Family Doctor

Dr. Marie-Pascale Éthier

  • Family Doctor

Dr. Naomi Goloff

  • Pediatrician

Dr. Stéphane Lavoie

  • Family Doctor

Care and Services

Ariane Parent-Lemay

Kathy Lapierre Godin

Véronique Cantin

Li-Anne Cyr

Annick Gervais

Louise L’Hérault

Mélanie Limoges

Anne-Marie Martinez

  • Psychotherapist

Marion Onno

Antoinette Petti

Development and

Marie-Ève Taillefer

Cristine Lamoureux

Benoit Beaudoin

Gabrielle Cassagnes Lemoine

Danielle Guénette

Karine Philipps

Mélanie Séguin

Finance, Human Resources,
and Infrastructure

Carolle-Anne Tremblay

Josianne Vachon

A team of volunteers and interns

The organization depends on the contribution of volunteers and interns to operate properly. That’s why they are considered full-fledged members of Le Phare team. The children highly appreciate their valuable contribution—whether at Maison André-Gratton or at home—as do management and the support team.