Fundraising activities

Help transform the lives of children and families who receive services from the Lighthouse. Be part of the Lighthouse family by getting involved in your own way.

Give your birthday as a gift

Rather than receiving a traditional birthday gift, ask your friends and family to make a donation on your behalf to The Lighthouse.

How it works


Sign up at  to create your fundraising page.


Set a fundraising goal and easily upload your photo.


Ask your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to The Lighthouse for your birthday. Now that’s a gift that really means giving!


Share your fundraising page by email and on social media to collect funds for The Lighthouse.

At The Lighthouse, we spare no effort to brighten the lives of children in palliative care. Giving your birthday as a gift is an act of kindness that can rally your friends and family behind a great cause.

Give your birthday as a gift

Organize a fundraiser

Would you like to get involved in a cause you can believe in? Organize an activity to raise money for the children and families of The Lighthouse.

How it works

The possibilities are endless! Sports tournaments, family activities, craft sales (jewelery, soap, other items, etc.) or bake sales. You get to choose!

Plan out the details:

  • The basics: date, time and location
  • Fundraising goal: realistic and measurable
  • Target audience: who is the activity for?
  • Budget: low expenses = more donation $ for The Lighthouse
  • Promotion: advertising, posters, pamphlets, social media, etc.

Submit your project to our team for guidance on using The Lighthouse brand. This way, you can make sure your promotional material meets the current requirements.

Note: Due to the current situation, many of our dedicated allies have had to postpone their fundraising activities. We will keep you posted when certain activities and events resume.

United for the Lighthouse

Support a fundraiser or birthday

Would you like to encourage your friends, family or colleagues in their quest to support The Lighthouse? Show your support! Encourage these goodwill ambassadors in their fundraising efforts and help them bring more comfort to the families of The Lighthouse!