Connect with one of the communities rallying around Le Phare!

Would you like to spread the word about Le Phare and its mission? Several groups of dedicated people are hard at work doing just that! They are always seeking new members ready to get involved in any way they can.

Les Voisins du Phare

Do you live in Rosemont-Angus?

Les Voisins du Phare is a committee founded by Rosemont residents to support Le Phare and its mission. They make various contributions based on their interests and skills. For example, they can shovel snow at Maison André-Gratton after a storm, set up information and sales booths or organize a walk or a family picnic.

If you are interested in joining, simply ask about membership on their private Facebook page.

Les Lucioles du Phare


Les Lucioles du Phare are a group of children between the ages of 6 and 12 who invest themselves in the mission through fundraising and fun activities: garage sale, holiday choir, Lave-O-Thon, theater, etc. Commitment, fun and democracy are at the heart of their actions.


Giving while putting pleasure at the center and reaping the recognition of the people around us is what Les Lucioles is all about. It’s also about parents who trust us, parents who understand that our children are the citizens of tomorrow’s world to whom we wish to bequeath the tools that will make them adults open to the world around them.”


Magalie Moreau, neighbor of Le Phare, founder of the Lucioles and mother of Charlotte.


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Le Phare Grandparents’ Circle

Are you a retiree with a bit of time on your hands?

Just as grandparents are the heart and soul of a family, so too is Le Phare Grandparents’ Circle, whose members provide a compassionate presence and serve as Le Phare ambassadors in the community. The goal of the Circle is to introduce Le Phare to people 55 and over who may be interested in contributing to its mission through advice, volunteer work, donations, event organizing, or just by talking about the organization to others.

“The Grandparents’ Circle is a group that works to raise awareness about Le Phare. Many people have heard of the organization, but don’t know exactly what it does. We create opportunities to raise awareness and educate about the cause while attracting new ambassadors,” explains Pierre Duceppe, one of the first members of the Circle.

The Circle organizes the “I discover Le Phare” events, which have so far allowed some one hundred people to visit Le Phare for the first time and learn more about its mission, activities and funding sources.

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Under the leadership of two of its members, Rémi Gagnon and Pierre Duceppe, the committee also organized and put on a play that raised $14,565 for Le Phare. It was a resounding success!

As proud ambassadors, members of Le Phare Grandparents’ Circle can contribute by volunteering with children, providing financial support or helping to find goods and services sponsors to ensure that Le Phare, the first pediatric care hospice in Québec, can pursue its mission for many years to come.

The Young Philanthropist's Circle

Gathering dynamic young professionals, the Philanthropic Rising Circle organizes activities that contribute to the visibility of Le Phare and the financing of its mission, while also promoting the democratization of philanthropy.

Tailored to the schedules and interests of young professionals, these organized activities serve not only to raise funds but also to facilitate networking and the connection of various expertise. The Philanthropic Rising Circle aims to create an annual event program that will allow young professionals to become familiar with Le Phare while gaining access to a variety of activities. These will also be shared through our social networks and our newsletter.

Furthermore, the Philanthropic Rising Circle actively participates in other fundraising activities organized by the various communities of Le Phare. This inspiring philanthropic rising generation plays a crucial role for Le Phare.

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The Rosemont-Angus compassionate community

Would you like to be part of an innovative model of community support for Le Phare? By getting involved in the Rosemont-Angus compassionate community, you’ll help raise the profile of this bustling neighbourhood and discover its many charming assets and main players! You can organize fun activities, create special memories for the people in your neighbourhood, volunteer your time or donate goods or services—all contributions are welcome.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact Mélanie Séguin: 514 787-5092 or

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