Following are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 514 954-4848.

General questions

What services do you provide?

Le Phare provides a range of services:

  • Home respite
  • 24-hour initial stay
  • Specialized respite
  • Transitional stay
  • Symptom management stay
  • End of life care
  • Bereavement follow-up
  • Additional services available to families

Until what age can children benefit from the services of Le Phare?

Until the age of 18.

Who is eligible for your services?

Any child under the age of 18 with a life-limiting illness who meets the criteria for palliative care.

Where is Maison André-Gratton located?

Maison André-Gratton and Le Phare headquarters are located in a residential area of Rosemont, at 2725 Mont-Royal Avenue East, in Montréal.

How to apply for your services?

Health professionals and parents can apply for admission to Le Phare. Health professionals with the child’s medical records will be invited to submit the file to the admission committee of Le Phare, which reviews all applications. To apply for admission, call 514 787-8801 or email admission@phare-lighthouse.com.

Are the services free?

Yes, the services provided are free of charge. However, families must provide the child’s medication, diapers and specific foods required by the child’s health condition.

Is there a difference between Maison André-Gratton and Le Phare?

Respite stays at Maison André-Gratton is one of the services provided by Le Phare. In other words, Le Phare runs the Maison André-Gratton.

How long can a sick child stay at Maison André-Gratton?

Up to 30 nights per year for a regular stay. Stays vary according to availability and need. Transitional, symptom management and end-of-life stays are for an indefinite period, based on the child’s specific condition.

I don’t live in the Montréal area, but I have a seriously ill child. What can Le Phare do for me?

Maison André-Gratton provides services to all children in need of pediatric palliative care in Québec. Le Phare also offers home respite care services in Montréal, Laval, Montérégie and the Eastern Townships.

Is Maison André-Gratton a kind of hospital?

Based on the care we provide, Maison André-Gratton is similar to a hospital, but without actually being one. Above all, it is a lively and warm place where we celebrate life in the moment while taking into account the abilities of the children and delivering safe care based on best practices. Check out the Maison André-Gratton section to see how it combines quality care with a stimulating environment!

I’d like to volunteer at Le Phare. Who should I contact?

Louise L’Hérault will answer your questions by phone at 514 787-8819 or by email. You may also simply visit the following page to complete the application form.

Questions for healthcare professionals, students and interns:

I’d like to work at Le Phare as a nurse, nursing assistant or orderly. Who should I contact?

Please send your CV specifying the position you are interested in to emploi@phare-lighthouse.com. The Human Resources Department will contact you if your profile matches our requirements. You can also consult our list of job opportunities.

I’d like to work at Le Phare as a physician. Who should I contact?

Dr. Silvana Barone, Medical Director, will answer your questions by phone at 514 787-8803 or by email.

I would like to do an internship at Le Phare. Who should I contact?

You are invited to submit your request by email to the Human Resources department at rh@phare-lighthouse.com.