Volunteers are full-fledged members of Le Phare team. Their generosity, skills, knowledge and good cheer have a positive impact on the quality of services delivered to children and their families.

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Would you like to contribute to a unique cause and take part in a rewarding experience that reflects the values of a caring community? Join a team of volunteers committed to improving the lives of children and families facing serious illnesses.

Volunteers are full-fledged members of Le Phare team. Their generosity, skills, knowledge and good cheer have a positive impact on the quality of services delivered to children and their families. Every day, our volunteers make a significant contribution to the smooth operation of the organization. Do you believe you want to be one of them?

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Selection process

Upon receiving your application, our Human Resources Advisor will review it based on the criteria and needs of the organization. You will also need to provide a completed personal reference document. If your application is approved, you will be contacted for a virtual interview to determine if you fit the volunteer profile as well as to determine if the opportunity meets your expectations.

Please note that to ensure the safety of our children that represent a highly vulnerable group, all potential volunteers wishing to work with Le Phare must undergo a criminal background check.

Integration and training

Once you join our volunteer team, a volunteer mentor will be assigned to you to show you the ropes. On your first day as a volunteer for Le Phare, your mentor will:

  • Give you a tour of the house and introduce you to the team
  • Show you the main areas of interest and the equipment you will need
  • Provide you with information on the organization’s policies and procedures
  • Assist you in your first interventions as a volunteer

You will also need to complete a mandatory 7-hour online training course that will provide you with basic knowledge about pediatric palliative care. In addition, we offer other internal training courses to help you grow into the many volunteer roles available.

Volunteer recognition

Committed to acknowledging the contribution of volunteers, Le Phare has developed a recognition program that showcases their outstanding contribution to the mission. The recognition takes several forms, including prizes, special events and little surprises based on the number of volunteer hours performed.

Types of volunteer opportunities

We offer many volunteer roles that allow you to take part in our mission based on your desired level of involvement.

Volunteering with children

Our volunteers’ main role is to entertain and play with the children. They also assist the care team in providing non-medical care such as feeding children at mealtime.

In-home respite

Volunteers are matched with a family and provide home respite services on a regular basis. Their role is to be a friendly, fun and entertaining presence for sick children and their siblings. This also give parents a chance to rest or take care of other responsibilities.

Recreational team

These volunteers assist the adapted leisure activities specialists by ensuring the quality participation of every child during group activities. They can also be asked to suggest and facilitate activities that meet the needs and health conditions of the children at the facility. In addition, volunteers help to prepare the equipment used during recreational activities.

Personal care support

Volunteers are matched with personal care attendants to provide assistance with daily living activities, including meals, mobility and personal hygiene. Volunteers also help with medical equipment and supplies as well as with preparing and disinfecting children’s rooms.

Specialized individual support

Volunteers provide children with support through special one-on-one bonding time and individual recreational activities tailored to their health condition, capabilities and interests.

Pool support

Volunteers give children the chance to enjoy unforgettable moments in the pool with stimulating aquatic activities offered in cooperation with the adapted leisure activities specialists and orderlies.

Other volunteer opportunities


Volunteers at reception are the first contact visitors and families have when they arrive at Le Phare making it an extremely important responsibility. In addition to greeting visitors, reception volunteers also answer the phone and perform various administrative tasks.


Volunteers that work in the kitchen prepare meals for employees and children, and clean up after meals and do the dishes. You should also feel free to share any secret family recipes!

Building maintenance

Do you have a hidden talent? Or perhaps you love all things neat and tidy? If so, you might enjoy doing light household tasks or small jobs, such as painting, gardening or opening and closing the yard.

Administrative work

We have many types of administrative tasks available, some are recurring, while others are one-time jobs. Fundraising, data gathering, translation, writing, photography and customer service are some of the activities with which you can help.