TELUS Future Friendly Home, a true story of friendship and solidarity

20 June 2019

As the children at the Lighthouse watched the last snowflakes fall on the swings from the living room window, the wonderful TELUS Future Friendly Home (FFH) team lit up the early spring that was so long awaited by young and old alike.

Having been deeply touched by the mission of the Lighthouse and the dedication of its staff, the MONTIG team (Montreal Telus International Guatemala City) decided to adopt the Lighthouse’s cause for the month of April as part of a monthly collaboration. No one suspected that a true story of friendship would emerge from this meeting and that TELUS FFH’s goodwill would continue well beyond the 30 days planned. Indeed, for this team that is bursting with energy and dedication, generosity has no limits!

Wishing to reflect the cheerful atmosphere and the Lighthouse’s light inside the rooms of the house, the team undertook the redevelopment and decoration of the 12 children’s rooms, the music room and the parent’s room. All the talents of TELUS FFH employees were put to good use in order to deploy a meaningful and unifying project. In continuity with the existing theme of aquatic mammals, bright colours with sea shades, wall stickers and photographs were applied to brighten up the rooms. The first transformation of the Sea lion room had an instant effect on the atmosphere at the Lighthouse. “It feels like you’re breathing a breath of fresh air. It is inspiring and motivating to see the children’s smiles light up in front of the majestic sea lion painting”, said a nurse as she entered the room.

In parallel with the revitalization project the TELUS FFH team has implemented numerous fundraising activities, each more creative than the other, with the goal of raising money to support the Lighthouse’s mission. Montreal employees let their imagination run wild by organizing show ticket auctions, sales of artistic creations and, for everyone’s pleasure, pie attack games and more. 3750 kilometres away in Guatemala City, bake sales, salty snacks and pizza slices raised funds. In addition, draws for electronic items, sales of bracelets and henna tattoos were all appreciated. All these collective efforts have raised more than $50,000 for the benefit of children with life-shortening diseases and their families.

In addition to these many fundraising initiatives, there is the determination and artistic talent of Kathleen Howard, a member of the TELUS FFH team. She oversees obtaining free furniture, textiles, painting and other equipment as well as being the instigator of the layout plan for the parents’ room. Passionate about doing justice to the emotions experienced at the Lighthouse and determined to do so at the lowest possible cost, Kathleen has raised nearly $35,000 in goods and services donations for the comfort of children and their families. Her commitment reflects the involvement and caring of the entire TELUS FFH team!

Beyond the incredible amount raised, the Lighthouse would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the colleagues at TELUS Future Friendly Home who, through this memorable journey, celebrated conscience, generosity and dedication to create invaluable bonds of friendship and solidarity. On behalf of the children, families, employees, volunteers, committed allies, collaborators and donors of the Lighthouse, THANK YOU for being part of our beautiful community!