My son Louis and I, Virginie

12 May 2023

Before having access to respite services, I assumed a nurse’s role for Louis, the role of mother all but forgotten. Gone was the mom who laughs, hugs, plays, and savors the present moment with her child.

Louis was 2 months old when suspicions about his development arose. We remained in the dark as to what awaited us. We were unwittingly catapulted into a whole new world, far from the one I had imagined upon becoming a mom to my new baby.

Louis’ first stay at Le Phare was such an important moment. I was reassured to learn that at Le Phare, comfort and medical care are at the heart of the organisation’s priorities, as are personal fulfillment and stimulation. I was nothing short of enthralled to discover this large house where the kids were having fun and thriving through the millions of activities provided.

Meeting the team at Le Phare was significant for the entire family, but especially so for Louis’ sister, Maxym. As essential as it was for us to see the environment where our son would grow, we were equally moved to learn of the importance Le Phare also attaches to the well-being of siblings. One of the team members took Maxym to a special library reserved exclusively for the siblings of the children in their care, where she was invited to choose a brand-new game or a book – for herself! Given her age difference with Louis, Maxym always understood why her brother received a lot of attention, but at long last, this was a little something just for her! She remembers it to this day!

When Louis is at Le Phare, we can hit the pause button on our whirlwind of a world and talk about topics other than his illness.

There is no need for deep reflection to see the impact Le Phare has on our daily life as parents and as a couple. It allows us the luxury of sleeping, finally, and of reconnecting and recharging. We can go to a restaurant or even do more involved activities like spending quality time with his older sister at my parents’ cottage; the cottage is not accessible for Louis.

Thanks to the respite offered by Le Phare, when everyday life resumes, I can first and foremost assume my role… as a mom.

Virginie, 9-year-old Louis’ mom

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