The Chamandy Foundation: a family caring for the wellbeing of children

17 June 2022

Tiffany ChamandyThe Chamandy Foundation was founded in 2015 with the vision of leaving a lasting, positive impact on society. The Chamandy family is dedicated to helping to improve the lives of children in their community and abroad by donating resources and promoting health, education, wellbeing and the environment. The Chamandy Foundation made an major gift of $150,000 over 3 years to Le Phare in support of the Symptom Management and End-of-Life Care program, allowing us to deploy our expertise and develop our vision for the future of pediatric palliative care throughout the province of Quebec. We had a conversation with Tiffany Chamandy, Executive Director of the Chamandy Foundation.

What made you decide to give to Le Phare?

One of the goals in our strategic plan is to give to small organizations with a great mission. The mission of Le Phare is one of them by helping children in palliative care and their families. After we read your proposal, our heartstrings were pulled and we immediately thought this aligns with our mission. We wanted to be a part of it and help in anyway we could!

What do you hope your gifts will accomplish?

Our main objective with our gift is to ease the suffering of these children and make the life of the families as easy as possible. We want to contribute in a significant way to the Symptom management and End-of-life Care program.

“I wish everyone knew that Le Phare exists and does the work to ease the suffering of children and to support their entire family. It is admirable work!”
– Tiffany Chamandy, Executive Director of the Chamandy Foundation

Thank you to the Chamandy Foundation for the outstanding and meaningful contribution towards our mission!