Safety and medication: an essential partnership

26 February 2021

The Lighthouse has been working with Pharmacie François Lalande since October of last year to improve the quality of care provided to children. This new partnership supports The Lighthouse in managing the children’s medication, while developing its employees’ pharmacology knowledge and guiding the team in its path to excellence.

The aim of the partnership with Pharmacie François Lalande is to promote the health, safety and well-being of children by taking the following measures:

  • Ensure the safe management and administration of medication for children staying at The Lighthouse Children and Families
  • Continue therapeutic treatments undertaken by the medical team treating the child
  • Begin therapeutic treatments involving a medical prescription prescribed by a member of the medical team
  • Minimize the possibility of errors and prevent accidental administration
  • Prevent damage to medications through proper storage
  • Quickly administer emergency medications for allergic reactions, hypoglycemia, distress or convulsions

“This partnership has helped us improve the medication pathway at The Lighthouse and ensure continuous improvement to the quality of care we provide.”
Ariane Parent-Lemay
Clinical Nurse Counselor, Liaison and Quality Assurance at The Lighthouse Children and Families