Life at The Lighthouse


A brave little lion

8 October 2021

Last year, we experienced the birth, and then death, of our son, at the age of 1. Between these two pivotal moments, the wind blew so strong that against its force, our family had to navigate through waves of hope and despair, anger and resignation. Waves that swelled and ebbed, causing us to live through a vicious cycle of a whirlwind of inconsistency. When the storm began, the Earth was already trembling under the impact of the pandemic, amplifying our vertigo.


The Lighthouse shines even brighter: new brand identity and new website

13 September 2021

The Lighthouse team is very excited to present the bright new Lighthouse visual identity. The mission and services The Lighthouse is known for haven’t changed. This updated brand image highlights all of the pediatric palliative care services we currently offer at no charge to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.


A $150,000 Donation for In-home Respite

15 January 2020

The Lighthouse Children and Families is extremely proud to be the grand winner of the iA Financial Group philanthropic contest and to receive a donation of $125,000!


TELUS Future Friendly Home, a true story of friendship and solidarity

20 June 2019

As the children at the Lighthouse watched the last snowflakes fall on the swings from the living room window, the wonderful TELUS Future Friendly Home (FFH) team lit up the early spring that was so long awaited by young and old alike.


The Lighthouse, an actor of change

19 June 2019

With 20 years of experience in supporting Quebec’s families who have a child with a life-shortening disease, The Lighthouse Children and Families is honoured to win the prestigious Coup de cœur award at the first edition of the Prix de l’impact social of L’actualité


20 years of proven expertise

29 April 2019

Since its foundation 20 years ago, The Lighthouse Children and Families has played a central role in Quebec’s care ecosystem.


The OIIQ Foundation’s Coup de Cœur Leadership Award Crowns The Lighthouse’s Expertise Sharing Activities

18 February 2019

The Lighthouse Children and Families kicks off its 20th anniversary with pride as it receives the prestigious OIIQ (Quebec Order of Nurses) Foundation’s Coup de Cœur Leadership Award!


A Donor with a Big Heart

29 September 2017

Michel Poirier was making a detour on his bicycle when he discovered the Lighthouse.