Le Phare, Enfants et Familles

For the love of mothers

Karine and Zachary at birth

"With Zachary, we were spoiled with the greatest gift that life has to offer. He helps us learn to live for each day, to care about what really matters, see the good in our differences and to appreciate things that we often take for granted, like speaking, walking and just good health!"
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KarineKarineZachary's mom

At Le Phare, the mothers we observe inspire strength, reassurance, resilience and unconditional love. We are surrounded by mothers experiencing the biggest challenge of their lives. We welcome them with open arms, listen to them and give them a much-needed break. We care for their children as if they were our own and guide them through their mourning when the time comes.


With Mother's Day approaching, we are asking you to donate in order to allow even more mothers the opportunity of support from Le Phare.

"Donating to Le Phare means providing comfort to mothers of a seriously ill child when we often feel helpless."

KarineKarineZachary's mom

For the love of mothers and children who are
admitted to Le Phare, thank you for your generosity!