Le Phare, Enfants et Familles
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Geneviève et Sarah-Claude

Geneviève et Sarah-Claude, two grieving mothers and friends

25 years guiding families

“One must visit Le Phare to truly understand
all the little miracles that happen there each and every day.”

—Sarah-Claude, Esteban's mom

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For 25 years, Le Phare has been watching over, guiding and remembering the children and their families. As a co-founder of Le Phare, I would like to personally thank you for also making it your cause. In the 1980’s, as a young educator working in hospitals, I had long dreamed of a guiding light, a “Phare”, that could provide respite and support to these families. The stories that parents in distress shared with me provided the necessary motivation to bring this organization into being.

Sarah-Claude et Esteban

Sarah-Claude and her son Esteban

Thanks to your donations, the team at Le Phare illuminates the path forward for hundreds of families like the one of Sarah-Claude, mother of Esteban and Geneviève, mother of Ariane. These mothers met within our group of bereaved parents. Their meeting was like a revelation and a relief for her. I invite you to read their story.

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Geneviève et Ariane

“It's an immense privilege to have had access to all these services for free. We’ve reminded ourselves countless times of how fortunate we were to have had this place.”

—Geneviève, Ariane's mom

I am very proud of this psychosocial support program, the only one of its kind in Quebec, that was built by our team of social workers and financed by your donations. This program allows families to feel heard and understood.

Today, more than ever, your donations are changing the lives of these families.

Thank you for giving generously.

Michèle Viau-Chagnon

Michèle Viau-Chagnon
Co-founder of Le Phare, Enfants et Familles

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