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Happy Birthday Stéphane Laporte!

Translation: Courtesy of Bernadette Blain

On March 20th 2017, we celebrate Stephane Laporte’s birthday. It's also the opportunity to thank this author and director for his tremendous generosity towards the Lighthouse.

“Children are meant to live, and be part of our lives, not to disappear. Losing a child is the most unexplainable, unfair, and painful of all mysteries.

I chose to give my birthday as a gift to the Lighthouse, Children and Families, in order to support and give respite to the children and families faced with a life-threatening illness.

The biggest present that you can give me this year is to give to those who will leave the party far too early. May all children have the opportunity to celebrate Spring on March 20th!"

Stéphane Laporte

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Stéphane Laporte, accompanied by Julien Pagé, nurse assistant, Elizabeth Sandoval, attendant, and Monique Storat, attendant.