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The beauty of My birthday as a gift

Translation: Courtesy of Carmen St-Pierre

Every day, My birthday as a gift campaign allows us to discover the most beautiful part within ourselves: sharing, generosity and altruism. Today, we present you with one of these big hearted persons who chose to offer his birthday as a gift for the children of the Lighthouse.

« My name is Loïc and I will soon be 17 years old. The main reason why I wish to give my birthday as a gift to the Lighthouse this year originates from 4 years ago, when my little 6 year old sister developed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. This completely changed my life and my family’s during the following 3 years.

My sister’s path to healing was difficult, for her as well as for us. The numerous visits to the hospital, medication, restrictions due to her weakened immune system, the side effects like mood changes, discomforts and physical changes were part of our everyday life. Despite all of this, I would say that I was lucky that my sister developed this particular type of cancer, a cancer whose healing success rate is quite high today. I feel lucky to see her grow by my side in sound health.

I realized however, that having to live with this reality throughout the years, that not all families have this luck; some kids that my sister often frequented at the hospital are now deceased. I realize that this situation could have happened to us as well. This is why I want to make a gesture to help families who don’t have the chance that I had and give my birthday to the Lighthouse, who helps and supports children in their end of life. »

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