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Art Exhibition by the Children of the Lighthouse

Translation: Courtesy of Bernadette Blain

On March 16th, the children of the Lighthouse presented their works of art at an opening (Les éTOILES du Phare) with 13 other artists.

These artists introduced many original ideas to the Lighthouse and gave the children the opportunity to experiment with stimulating techniques, such as enamel on copper, art bot, dripping, black light painting, collage, and print making.

Working closely together to create their pieces, the artists and children developed a very special and magical relationship. Each work of art reflects a beautiful encounter during which the children experienced unforgettable moments, filled with laughter and love, thus perfectly resonating with the Lighthouse’s motto: having fun until the end of life!

Art therapy is part of the many activities that the Lighthouse organizes for the children. Because of the children’s disabilities or vulnerability in the face of death, this type of activity helps them express their needs and emotions.


We would like to thank the 13 artists who supported this project:  Jean-François Labelle, Valérie Legault, Jennifer Lee BarkerOlivier LefebvreMargotellaNicolas NabonneFrédéric PéloquinJean-Daniel RohrerNadine SamuelBernard Séguin PoirierTONEArmand Vaillancourt et VeroniKaH.

Le temps présent, in collaboration with Bernard Séguin Poirier

"Combattons l'indifférence, la lâcheté, la peur. Combattons nos angoisses."
in collaboration with Armand Vaillancourt 

Les tulipes, in collaboration with VeroniKaH

Liberté, in collaboration with TONE

Inspiration énergétique, in collaboration with Jennifer Lee Barker

Découverte (longboard), Liberté (skateboard), in collaboration with Olivier Lefebvre

La lumière du coeur, in collaboration with Jean-Daniel Rohrer

Le fleuve de la vie, in collaboration with Jean-François Labelle and Valérie Legault

Longboard No1: Flèche vers l'avenir, Longboard No2: Destination Amour, in collaboration with Margotella

Oeuvre 1: La traversée, oeuvre 2: Au gré des saisons, in collaboration with Nicolas Nabonne

Le Paddington du Phare, in collaboration with Frédéric Péloquin

Les lueurs aquatiques, in collaboration with Nadine Samuel