To brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families, we aim to provide the best possible care through in-home respite services, variable length-stays at Maison André-Gratton and different resources to make their lives as healthy and happy as possible.


Maison André-Gratton

Maison André-Gratton was built with help from our generous donors. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our heart. Their generosity helped us change the life of hundreds of families.


List of the Officers who contributed to the fundraising campaign for Maison André-Gratton

Donors and

The Lighthouse, Children and Families could not pursue its mission without help from its many donors, sponsors and partners. We would like to thank the companies, foundations and individuals who raise awareness about the reality faced by terminally sick children and their families, and thus act as ambassadors for this cause.

Thank you for being Guardians of the Lighthouse!

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Where your
donations go?

By donating to The Lighthouse Children and Families,
you help us provide the best care and activities to sick children.

Thank you for your support!

a Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of the Lighthouse, Children and Families: their generosity, skills, knowledge and cheerfulness greatly contribute to the services for children and their families.


In-home respite service: Volunteers are matched with a family and provide in-home respite services on a regular basis. Their role is to be a friendly, fun and entertaining presence for sick children and their siblings. Parents can thus take a few hours to rest or see to their other responsibilities.

On-site respite service at Maison André-Gratton: Volunteers entertain and divert the children, but also help the treatment team for non-medical care like feeding children at mealtimes.

All of our volunteers are fully trained. Throughout the 18-hour training program,
they are introduced to the different dimensions of accompaniment. The program includes different thematic modules:

  • Ethical principles and the role of a volunteer;
  • Children and adolescents with serious illnesses – Issues, care and precautions
  • Listening skills and support
  • Psychosocial dimensions of serious illnesses in children and adolescents
  • Death and mourning
  • The importance of play


Every week, volunteers contribute to the Lighthouse’s operations, whether by receipting donations or planning fundraising activities. Their help is very precious and greatly appreciated.

Are you passionate about math or computers? Do you know how to sew? Got a green thumb? You like to cook? Have great people skills? Speak several languages? We offer many volunteering opportunities.

Please contact the Volunteers Coordinator at 514 787-8817 or by email at benevoles@phare-lighthouse.com. She will gladly help you choose the best option to make your volunteering experience a great success.


Sylvain Gonthier, zootherapist, shared his knowledge and expertise with some parents of the child
At the end of 2017, three activities took place for siblings at The Lighthouse Children and Famil
The Lighthouse relies on a team of outstanding volunteers. This fall, three members of The Lighthouse Grandparents’ Circle have had great successes that deserve to be shared.
The Lighthouse Children and Families hosted an introductory dance and Feldenkrais method workshop, providing participants with an enriching bonding experience through the exploration of bodies in motion..
On June 21, 2017, Mr.
Michel Poirier was making a detour on his bicycle when he discovered the Lighthouse.
On August 19, 2017, The Lighthouse Children and Families held an art therapy family work
Writing: Elodie Buob, Sp
Translation: Courtesy of Carmen St-Pi
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